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How to Repair Leaking Sprinkler Backflow (Pressure Vacuum Breaker – PVB)

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Join Jamey from Done Plumbing & Heating as he guides you through the process of replacing a bonnet in a pressure vacuum breaker, a common issue if your sprinkler system isn’t winter-ready. This tutorial provides a detailed, easy-to-follow walkthrough, from identifying the problem to the final steps of the repair. Jamey covers the necessary tools and parts you’ll need, how to safely disassemble and replace the bonnet and poppet, and how to check your work by turning the water supply back on. Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or a first-timer, this video will help you fix your PVB in no time.

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(0:14) Hey guys, Jamey from Done Plumbing & Heating and today I’ll walk you through (0:19) a pressure vacuum breaker bonnet replacement. If you’re not properly (0:22) prepare your sprinkler system for the cold weather or freezing temperatures (0:26) the water in your PV B may disrupt a safety feature known as the bonnet. This (0:30) is likely the case if water spouts from the top of your PV B. If this is your (0:35) issue, don’t worry, this is an easy fix. Replacement parts are commonly found at (0:40) home improvement stores, and one inch and three quarter inch repair kits. To (0:44) start, close the valves on your PVB. If the valves are in line with the pipe, (0:49) they are open; if they are perpendicular, they are closed. (0:53) [Music] (1:00) Next, remove the bell cap nuts and the Bell cap to expose the bonnet.
[Music] (1:11) Now remove the bonnet and the poppet assembly together. (1:16) [Music] (1:24) Be sure to follow all the instructions from the repair kit. Install all of the pieces, even if the ones you currently (1:28) have don’t seem damaged. Install your new poppet and bonnet assembly, be sure not (1:33) to over tighten.
[Music] (1:44) Watch a new poppet and bonnet assembly have been installed, you can replace the (1:48) bail cap and the bail cap nut. [Music] (2:01) Finally, it’s time to turn back on the water supply from both valves. Now that’s a (2:09) job well done.

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