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The Eco-Friendly Heating Alternative

Heat pumps are the efficient way to heat or cool your home in Denver, no matter the time of year.

Heat pump system installed at a home

heat pump systems

Trust Us To Get Your Heat Pump Repair Done

Heat pumps offer an efficient alternative to traditional heating methods, and in Denver, their popularity is rising just as it is in neighboring Aurora.

Unlike conventional systems that generate heat by consuming resources, heat pumps work ingeniously by moving air to regulate indoor temperatures.

This method allows for both heating and cooling, adapting seamlessly to Denver’s diverse climate with less energy use.

As the demand for versatile heating solutions like heat pumps grows in Denver, so does the necessity for expert service.

Done® Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric stands out as the premier HVAC specialist in the region, providing affordability and integrity in every job we complete (especially when it comes to your residential heat pump).

Our team excels in installing, repairing, and maintaining heat pump systems, ensuring they perform efficiently throughout the year.

So if you are searching for “heat pump repair near me,” we will meet your needs promptly and proficiently, minimizing any disruption to your daily routine.

For top-notch heat pump solutions in Denver, reach out to Done and experience warmth and coolness delivered with exceptional expertise!

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Discover the Done Difference

Experience unparalleled expertise, reliability, and skill in every home service we provide.

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For over 25+ years, Done has set the standard for professional home services. Our team of licensed and insured technicians brings unmatched expertise to every job, ensuring reliable repairs and maintenance. We're committed to excellence, and it shows in every task we undertake.

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Trust is the cornerstone of our services at Done. We guarantee the reliability of our installations and repairs, conducted only by our fully licensed and insured professionals. With us, you can be confident that your home systems are in skilled hands.

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Whether it’s plumbing woes or air conditioning tune-ups, Done covers it all. Our comprehensive equipment expertise means we’re equipped to fix all types of home systems. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, we handle every challenge with skill and efficiency.

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Heat Pumps

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, Done HVAC can guide you through the transition from traditional HVAC systems to a heat pump system. This includes evaluating your home’s heating and cooling needs, advising on the best type of heat pump for your situation, and handling the installation process from start to finish. Transitioning to a heat pump can offer improved energy efficiency, lower utility bills, and enhanced indoor comfort. We ensure a seamless switch, providing you with a sustainable solution that meets your heating and cooling needs effectively.

To ensure optimal performance, your heat pump should be maintained at least once a year, though scheduling maintenance in both spring and fall is ideal for those using it for both heating and cooling. Done HVAC’s maintenance service includes cleaning or replacing the air filter, checking and adjusting the refrigerant levels, inspecting the electrical components and connections, cleaning the coils and fans, and ensuring the thermostat is accurately calibrated. Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of your heat pump, improves energy efficiency, and prevents costly breakdowns.

Common issues with heat pumps include insufficient heating or cooling, strange noises, short cycling, and problems with the thermostat or refrigerant levels. These issues can stem from various causes, such as dirty filters, malfunctioning components, or leaks. Done HVAC’s skilled technicians can quickly diagnose and address these issues, providing timely repairs to restore your heat pump’s efficiency and performance. We also offer emergency repair services to ensure you’re never left without heating or cooling when you need it most.

Your heat pump might need an upgrade if it’s over 10-15 years old, experiences frequent breakdowns, struggles to maintain comfortable temperatures, or causes higher than usual energy bills. An upgrade can also be warranted if you’ve renovated your home, requiring a different capacity or more efficient model. Done HVAC can assess your current system’s performance and recommend an upgrade to a more efficient, environmentally friendly heat pump model that meets the latest ENERGY STAR® standards, ensuring you enjoy improved comfort and savings.

Heat pumps are highly efficient systems that can both heat and cool your home, making them an excellent investment for year-round comfort. They work by transferring heat rather than generating it from a fuel source, which makes them more energy-efficient, especially in moderate climates. Installing a heat pump can lead to significant savings on energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and provide a consistent, comfortable indoor climate. Done HVAC specializes in the installation of heat pumps, offering solutions that are tailored to your specific home size, layout, and energy needs.