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Smart Electrical Panel

Get Intelligent Power Management with a Smart Electrical Panel

Redefine your home’s energy efficiency with smart electrical panels.

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Smart Electrical Panels

Revolutionize Your Home Energy with Smart Panels

Elevate your home’s energy management to the next level with smart electrical panels installed by Done® Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric. Designed for the modern homeowner, these panels provide unparalleled control, efficiency, and safety.

Monitor and manage your home’s power consumption in real-time, identify savings opportunities, and ensure your household runs smoothly with our cutting-edge technology.

Perfect for those looking to optimize their energy usage and contribute to a sustainable future, our smart electrical panels are the key to a smarter, more efficient home.

Smart Circuit Breaker

Smart Circuit Breakers: Safety Meets Efficiency

Discover the ultimate blend of safety and efficiency with our smart circuit breakers. These innovative devices not only protect your home from electrical hazards but also offer real-time monitoring of your energy use.

With the ability to control them remotely, you can easily manage your power consumption, ensuring your home is both safe and energy-efficient.

Ideal for homeowners aiming to modernize their electrical systems, our smart circuit breakers are a crucial step towards a fully-integrated smart home.

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Leviton Smart Panel

The Intelligent Way to Manage Residential Power Use

Leviton panels and breakers are ideal for connecting to a smart data hub, transforming an otherwise high-quality unit into a more versatile, customizable, and efficient system.

Smart Electrical Panel Benefits

Smart Electrical Panels for Smart Homeowners

Smart electrical panels are revolutionizing how homeowners manage and understand their electrical usage, directly addressing common concerns like high electric bills and frequent breaker trips.
By integrating a smart electrical panel into your home, you gain access to a wealth of information and control at your fingertips.
This system not only allows you to see your energy usage in real-time but also provides detailed analytics on consumption trends.
The ability to remotely control circuit breakers adds a new level of convenience and safety.
Whether you’re curious about why a breaker tripped or looking to monitor specific circuits like your furnace or entertainment system, smart panel installations from Done offer customizable solutions to fit your needs.
With ongoing app updates, your smart panel continues to evolve, offering even more features over time.
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The Done Difference

Discover the Done Difference

Experience unparalleled expertise, reliability, and skill in every home service we provide.

Decades of Excellence in Home Services

For over 25+ years, Done has set the standard for professional home services. Our team of licensed and insured technicians brings unmatched expertise to every job, ensuring reliable repairs and maintenance. We're committed to excellence, and it shows in every task we undertake.

Dependable Service, Every Time

Trust is the cornerstone of our services at Done. We guarantee the reliability of our installations and repairs, conducted only by our fully licensed and insured professionals. With us, you can be confident that your home systems are in skilled hands.

Your All-in-One Home System Experts

Whether it’s plumbing woes or air conditioning tune-ups, Done covers it all. Our comprehensive equipment expertise means we’re equipped to fix all types of home systems. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, we handle every challenge with skill and efficiency.

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Energize your home with Done Electric’s dependable services: offering safe, efficient, and complete solutions for all your electrical needs. Discover reliability, expertise, and unmatched customer satisfaction.

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Smart Electrical Panels

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, Done Electric specializes in the installation of smart electrical panels and circuit breakers, essential components for modernizing your home and preparing it for smart home technologies. Smart panels provide unparalleled insight and control over your home’s electrical system, allowing you to monitor energy usage, remotely control circuit breakers, and receive instant notifications of any electrical issues. This level of control and efficiency is a game-changer for homeowners interested in smart home automation and energy management. Our team of experts at Done Electric will handle the installation process from start to finish, ensuring your new smart electrical panel integrates seamlessly with your home’s existing systems and smart devices.

Upgrading your home’s electrical panel is crucial for smart home integration, offering several benefits. A modernized panel can better handle the power demands of smart home devices, ensuring efficient operation without overloading your system. Upgrades can also include installing smart electrical panels, which offer enhanced control over your home’s electricity usage, allowing you to monitor and manage power consumption in real-time from your smartphone or tablet. This can lead to improved energy efficiency, lower utility bills, and a significantly reduced risk of electrical fires. With Done Electric, you can ensure your electrical system is fully prepared to support a smart home ecosystem, making your home more convenient, energy-efficient, and safe.

Smart panel upgrades can help you conserve energy and lower your energy bills. Your panel can help keep track of your energy use to give data needed to make electric-related decisions such as installing energy storage batteries, incorporating solar energy for your home, making purchasing decisions when an electric vehicle (EV), or switching to all-electric equipment.

A smart panel usually has a main breaker that controls the power to the whole house and several individual breakers that control the power to the different circuits. Smart electrical panels contain smart breakers, which are a series of circuits that distribute electricity evenly. The smart breakers wirelessly connect to the internet to send information about power usage.

The smart electrical panel is designed to monitor and manage the flow of electricity in a home or office. It is typically used in conjunction with a home automation system, and can be used to remotely control and monitor the usage of appliances and lights.

A smart electrical panel can help save money on your energy bill by monitoring and regulating the use of electricity in your home. It can also help to improve the safety of your home by providing a way to remotely control appliances and lights.

It allows you to control and monitor every circuit in your home from a smartphone or tablet, and it provides real-time insight into your home’s energy sourcing, storage, and use.

Take power to new heights with the award winning Leviton electrical panel with optional smart circuit breakers, users can get insights on energy usage and control their panel like never before. Upgrade the entire panel or just one circuit at a time by installing smart circuit breakers. Using the intuitive My Leviton app, homeowners enjoy instant, easy access to essential elements of their load center’s data via a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

The Benefits of a Leviton Smart Home Electrical Panel:
  • Leviton Load Centers come in a variety of options to suit any application.
  • Easy installation for an electrician
  • Flexibility for any application, Leviton’s all plug-on design, breakers are easy to snap in and out
  • Ideal for Any Location the unit blends seamlessly into any space and can be painted to match a garage interior, hallway, kitchen, or basement for a heightened aesthetic
  • The optional observation window allow users view load center activity without having to open the door or touch any part of the unit itself
  • Safety is priority as these are the first GFCI circuit breakers on the market that meet the newest/May 2021 UL requirements
  • Superior protection with GFCI/AFCI dual Function circuit breakers featuring patented reset lockout and will not reset if ground or arc-fault protection is compromised.
  • Easy to read LED Diagnostics with line-side powered LEDs that remain lit, even when a circuit breaker is tripped, for easy identification of the type of fault (AF/GF).
  • Plug-on surge protection device is designed for easy in-panel installation and provides effective surge protection for the entire home. Line-side power ensures surge protection continues, even after a breaker is OFF or tripped.

The heart and command center of any electrical service, your electric panel serves as the central management system for all power routed throughout the home.

Innovations in the management of home electrical use now make it possible for Denver area residents to gain better control over how power is used and utilized within their homes.

Smart electrical panels utilize ethernet-connected solutions to allow for more efficient power management, providing you with reliable insights into power use, overuse, and opportunities to dial back.

Real-Time Insight on Energy Use

Most Denver area residents are running their homes largely blind to what appliances and electronics are utilizing the most energy. Smart panels provide homeowners with real-time information on energy use, as well as trendline data that can provide you with opportunities for reducing costs.

Forecast Expenses

Data provided by smart electric panels can help you better budget for fluctuations in energy use and/or dynamic changes in prices from your provider. With energy costs projected to rise by as much as 40% in some locations, this feature can help families weather the storm.

Remotely Control Your Circuit Breaker

Always be in control. At home or on the go, gain peace of mind knowing you have full control over your circuit breaker, with remote capabilities including the ability to remotely turn off any circuit breaker at will.

Real-Time System Status Data

In real-time get alerted when any circuit breaker reaches overload or requires addressing. Especially useful when using large appliances, tools, or when seasonal electric needs result in increased energy consumption. Stay informed about when load is ‘ON’ or not drawing power for an extended period of time.

Get Alerted Any Time a Circuit Breaker Trips

Never be left in the dark again (literally and figuratively). Your smart breaker will let you know any time a circuit trips, alerting you to potential overload, overuse, surges, and electrical failure in real-time.