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Smart Circuitry Upgrades

Future-Proof Wiring for Your Denver Smart Home

Optimizing your electric box for a smart home conversion.

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Home Electrical Upgrades

Comprehensive Home Electrical Repairs in Denver

Transitioning to a smart home in Denver requires a robust electrical foundation.

Done® Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Services is proud to remodel electrical boxes, update wiring, and upgrade circuitry to support advanced technologies, ensuring seamless operation for all your smart devices.

From assessing and upgrading your electrical panel to rewiring and retrofitting existing systems, our expert electricians ensure your home is future-proofed for the digital age, offering top-tier electrical solutions tailored for connectivity and modern luxury.

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Circuits & Home Wiring Services

Outlets, Switches, & Dimmers

Upgrade your home with expert wiring and outlet installations, ensuring safety and efficiency in every corner.


Transform your space with our remodel and addition services, seamlessly integrating electrical solutions for your evolving needs.

Smart Homes

Experience the convenience of a smart home with our cutting-edge installations, bringing automation and efficiency to your fingertips.

EV Charging

Power up your electric vehicle with ease with our EV charging point installations, providing convenience and sustainability for your lifestyle.

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Home WIring & Circuits

Frequently Asked Questions

Upgrading or rewiring your home’s electrical system is a detailed process that begins with a thorough evaluation by Done Electric to understand your current and future electrical needs. The upgrade process may involve replacing your old electrical panel with a new one that has a higher capacity, installing new circuit breakers to replace outdated ones, and rewiring parts of your home to ensure that all electrical components meet modern safety standards. Throughout the process, our team prioritizes safety, compliance with local codes, and minimal disruption to your daily life. Post-upgrade, you’ll have an electrical system that’s more reliable, capable of handling all your electrical appliances, and safer. Done Electric is committed to providing you with a seamless upgrade experience, from initial consultation to final testing and inspection.

There are several signs that your home might need an electrical panel upgrade or rewiring to ensure optimal safety and functionality. If you experience frequent breaker trips, notice flickering or dimming lights, rely on multiple extension cords due to insufficient outlets, or have appliances that don’t operate at full power, it’s imperative to consider an upgrade. Other indicators include an electrical panel that’s over 20 years old, the presence of a fuse box, or plans to renovate your home or add major appliances, all of which can pose safety risks if not addressed. Done Electric offers a comprehensive assessment of your electrical system, integrating safety as a priority, to determine if an upgrade or rewiring is necessary. By ensuring your home’s electrical infrastructure is safe, efficient, and capable of meeting your current and future needs, we prioritize the well-being of your household and provide peace of mind.

Upgrading your home’s electrical panel or circuit breakers is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it enhances the safety of your home by reducing the risk of electrical fires and other hazards associated with outdated or overloaded systems. An upgrade can also significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency and capacity to handle modern electrical demands, preventing frequent tripping of breakers and voltage fluctuations. Additionally, if you’re planning to remodel or add more appliances, an upgraded electrical system ensures that your home can accommodate these changes seamlessly. Done Electric specializes in electrical panel and circuit breaker upgrades, ensuring your system is up-to-date, safe, and capable of meeting your household’s electrical needs.