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Is Your Bathroom Lighting Up to Safety Standards?

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How Proper Bathroom Lighting Can Increase Your Home’s Worth

Bathrooms are one of the top ten factors that determine the value of your home. From a personal perspective the bathroom is also where most of us spend a significant amount of time grooming and attending to other matters, making it one of the most important rooms in your home. Due to the impact bathrooms have on our personal and financial lives, your bathroom’s lighting is a crucial element in its design, functionality and safety.

Bathroom Lighting Safety

When it comes to your bathroom, safety is essential. The Electrical Safety Council warns homeowners that the bathroom is possibly the most dangerous room in the home when it comes to electrical safety due to the proximity of water and electrical fixtures, which can be lethal when combined. Along with a list of requirements that should be followed when installing electric service in a bathroom, they provide specific considerations for homeowners wanting the safest bathroom lighting. The list includes:

  • Choosing enclosed ceiling lights over pendant light fittings.
  • Ensuring all light fittings that are not enclosed are out of reach.
  • Ceiling-mounted lighting with pull-cord switches instead of standard wall mounted light switches.

Types of Bathroom Lighting

Next to safety, the next most important thing to consider when designing the lighting for your bathroom is the various types of lighting. The American Lighting Association recognizes three main types of bathroom lighting as:

  • Ambient or general lighting – provides the general illumination of an area. A few examples of general bathroom lighting include enclosed ceiling lighting, wall sconces, and pendant lighting.
  • Task lighting – designed to provide illumination for specific tasks such as applying makeup, shaving, brushing your teeth or bathing. A few examples of bathroom task lighting include shower lights or vanity lighting.
  • Accent lighting – used to draw people’s attention to a specific area or item within the room, accent lighting creates visual interest. A few examples of bathroom accent lighting include lighted bathroom fixtures, recessed or track lighting in wall recesses or shelving, and backlit vanity mirrors.

At Done, safety is our primary concern and nowhere is electrical safety more important than your bathroom. We all know that water and electricity make a lethal combination and considering the proximity of water fixtures and electrical fixtures in your bathroom, the risk an electrical accident is great. Our experienced team of fully licensed and insured electricians are here to help with all of your bathroom lighting needs. We can help you choose the right lighting for your bathroom, and ensure that that lighting is as safe as possible.

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