Have you made plans to keep your home warm now that the cold season is coming in? Whether you plan on installing or replacing your old heating system, make sure to choose a system that suits your particular needs. After all, each family and their house are different.

Here are various types of home heating systems you may choose from.

Central Heating Systems

The most common type of central heat system among American households is a furnace that blows heated air through ducts across the home. It is powered by natural gas, electricity, or heating oil. Another type of furnace that older homes may still have is a gravity furnace. It works in a similar way as the more modern furnaces, but uses gravity to bring warm air up through extensive duct work to the floors above it (without using a fan to blow the air). These older furnaces are very inefficient and we regularly changed them out for the more modern furnaces that used forced air.

While a furnace provides heated air, a residential boiler, on the other hand, distributes heated water from devices such as radiators. A less common variation called the steam boiler heats water to release steam that will warm up the house. A boiler uses natural gas, fuel, or heating oil for power.

Central heating systems also include heat pumps that work like a two-way air conditioner. They suck heat out of your home in summer and bring in heat — aided by an electrical system — during the winter.

Direct Heating Systems

If you aren’t one for central heating, you may always opt for direct heating systems such as gas-fired or electric space heaters, wood burning, pellet stoves, and fireplaces.

Space heaters are the go-to option when you only want to heat up a single room. Gas-fired space heaters are less costly than electric ones. Alternatively, you could go for the traditional way of room heating and opt for wood burning. Its pollutants may be a problem, though, so you have the option of using pellet stoves or installing a fireplace.

At Done Plumbing & Heating, our licensed and certified technicians install home heating systems across Denver. We also help you with furnace repairs, replacements, and maintenance. Feel free to browse through our website for more information about our services: www.itsdone.com.

Let’s be honest: Nobody thinks about their plumbing and heating until there’s a problem.

What most people don’t realize is that most of those problems can be anticipated and often avoided with regular maintenance – usually at a far lower cost than a repair or replacement.

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