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Do I Really Need Furnace Maintenance?

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Your furnace can run just fine without maintenance for a time. However, it won’t be long before you notice your system’s performance degrade. Once this degradation begins, a complete breakdown won’t be far off. Thankfully, it isn’t hard to protect your furnace from this fate. All you need to do is regularly schedule maintenance for your furnace with a reputable HVAC company.

When you ensure that your furnace’s maintenance needs are met, you also protect yourself from paying for expensive repairs and replacements. But, more importantly, you’re watching your property from the dangers that improperly maintained furnaces present, including carbon monoxide poisoning and even fire!

Maintenance is the key to your furnace’s health and longevity, which may be the most critical aspect of owning a furnace. Here’s why and how you should keep up with your furnace maintenance.

Professional Furnace Maintenance Should Address These Areas

Every company delivers a different experience during its maintenance services. However, you can count on most companies to offer, at a minimum, these services:

  • Filter Inspections and Replacements
  • Gas Lines and Heat Exchanger Inspections
  • Burner and Flue Pipe Cleaning
  • Thermostat and Wiring Connection Testing
  • Pilot Assembly Cleaning

These services ensure that you’ve protected your system from many of the issues that furnaces experience most often. This protection is part of what makes maintenance so valuable.

Maintenance Ensures Quality Performance From Your Furnace

Not every issue is preventable, but when professionals take care of your furnace, you’ll be sure to avoid the worst problems. As such, your furnace will sustain a higher performance throughout its lifetime. More importantly, you’ll be sure to know well in advance if you’re having issues with your heat exchanger or other dangerous components of your furnace.

As your primary heating appliance, there’s always a chance that your furnace can lead to a fire outbreak or the venting of carbon monoxide into your home. That is unless it receives monthly maintenance. When you have a professional HVAC company maintain your furnace, you reduce the chance that your system will experience any serious issues. Furthermore, if your system exhibits signs of complications, you’ll be poised to handle the case before it becomes severe.

However, the benefits of maintenance don’t stop here.

Proper Maintenance Will Preserve Your System’s Performance

No system is perfect, and your furnace is guaranteed to lose some energy efficiency over time. However, using a maintenance service can minimize the effect that years of operation have on your system’s efficiency.

With consistent general maintenance, your furnace will receive the care it needs to ensure no steep drop-offs in efficiency. Even if you’ve never had a professional perform maintenance on your furnace, you’ll find that a single visit will have your system running cleaner.

Of course, better efficiency doesn’t just affect performance; it saves you money. For example, an efficient furnace uses less energy to maintain temperatures than one with dirty filters or other issues. These energy savings translates directly into more money in your pocket.

A Quick Call To Done Ensures The Safety and Performance Of Your System

If you wanted to, you could run your furnace all day and night without caring. However, your furnace would live a concise life in this scenario. Not only would that force you to replace your furnace regularly, but it would put your entire property at risk!

However, you can avoid all of that if your system receives regular maintenance from a professional HVAC technician. Furnace maintenance preserves your system and protects your property from fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and more! If that wasn’t good enough, system care helps you do all this while saving you money on overall operating costs.

Why wait any longer? Call Done HVAC today or contact one of our service representatives through our web portal for help maintaining your furnace!

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