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Choosing A Home Heating System

a gas fireplace installation

Every home tackles its heating problems differently, and now is the time to consider whether yours fits your needs or not. The right heating system can change your entire quality of life, so why not consider making a change for the better? Whether you plan on installing or replacing your old heating system, choose a design that suits your particular needs. Here are a few methods you may want to consider while making your choice.


The most common central heat system among American households is a furnace. To produce heated air, a furnace burns fuel(natural gas, electricity, or heating oil). The stove then blows that heated air through ducts across the home.

Gravity furnaces work similarly to most modern furnaces. However, they use gravity to warm air up through extensive ductwork to the floors above it. This system eliminates the need for fans but is very inefficient. As such, we regularly change them for more modern furnaces that use forced air.


While a furnace provides heated air, a residential boiler, on the other hand, uses natural gas, fuel, or heating oil to produce heated water. The boiler system then sends this water to devices such as radiators. A less common variation called the steam boiler heats water to release steam that will warm up the house.

Heat Pumps

Central heating systems also include heat pumps that work as two-way air conditioners. During the winter, they suck heat out of your home in summer and bring in heat — aided by an electrical system. The efficacy of these systems depends on the temperature difference between a home and the outdoors.

Direct Heating Systems

Of course, central heating systems don’t have the same “wow” factor as direct heating systems such as fireplaces or stoves. That’s part of the reason why many people opt for these older heating systems. Fireplaces and wood-burning stoves produce heat that slowly radiates outward, slowly warming a building. Of course, the downside of these heating measures is pollution, waste, and possibly unwanted home fires.

Space heaters are the go-to option when you only want to heat a single room. Gas-fired space heaters are less costly than electric ones and provide a decent amount of heat without stove or fireplace pollution.

Let Done Help You Decide

At Done HVAC, our licensed and certified technicians install home heating systems across Denver. We also help you with furnace repairs, replacements, and maintenance. Feel free to browse our website for more information about our services:

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