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How to Change Your Furnace Filter

A photo of a dirty air filter being removed from a furnace

In this short video we’ll guide you through the steps to change the filter in your home’s furnace:

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(0:15) Hey guys, Jamey here from Done Plumbing & Heating. Today at our training facility, I’m going to show you how to change your furnace filter. (0:19) When it comes to your furnace and air conditioning system, the best thing you can do to keep your system running is to regularly change your air filter. (0:26) This will allow for proper air flow through your system while filtering out allergens and pollutants. Changing your filter is easy and should be done monthly. (0:30) To start, buy the proper size filter from your local home improvement store. Be sure to get the same length, width, and thickness as the filter you’re replacing. (0:42) This information can be found on the side of the filter.

(0:47) Now, locate your filter. This can be found between your return air ducts and your furnace. (0:53) Remove the old filter and insert the new one, paying close attention to the airflow direction. (0:59) This can be found on the side of the filter. The airflow direction should always be pointed towards the furnace. (1:06) Be sure to push it all the way back and replace any panels you may have removed.

(1:14) That’s a job well done! Replacing your filter monthly will help your HVAC system function properly. (1:26) Waiting too long or allowing your filter to become clogged will lead to unnecessary issues and repairs. (1:31) In addition to the monthly filter change, Done Plumbing and Heating highly recommend you schedule an annual inspection of your furnace and A/C equipment. (1:40) Similar to the maintenance done on your car, this maintenance will ensure your equipment is functioning properly while extending the lifespan and reducing repair costs. (1:48) Joining Done Plumbing and Heating’s 1st Service Club provides these annual inspections to you for free. [Music]

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