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Done and Plumbers Without Borders

The side view of a Done truck parked on a street

Plumber Without Borders is an organization of plumbing experts whose outlook is that safe water and sanitation is and should be a basic human right. Their mission is connect volunteer plumbers with organizations that are working to increase access to safe water and sanitation.

There are many places throughout the world that are suffering from disease due to the lack of safe plumbing a hygienic sanitation. The main purpose for this organization is to create a database of plumbers who are willing to help create a better future for all of humanity through creating clean water resources. It will be used as a hub for volunteers who are looking to help other organizations.

Training and education is also a core value of Plumbers Without Borders. They want to make sure others are aware of the problem that other countries have when it comes to clean water. It is important for them to receive donations and volunteers in order to keep this cause going.

For the New Year, Done Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric decided to donate to this cause because of the wonderful things they do and have done for humanity. Being plumbers, we want to invest our resources in a greater cause and in this case, it is saving humanity from disease because of plumbing issues. We would like to show others our support in hopes they will donate to Plumbers Without Borders.

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