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What to Do With Exposed Plumbing Pipes

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Exposed plumbing pipes can be a bit of an eyesore. No matter where they are in the house, pipes can be unsightly or distracting from an otherwise beautiful space. Building walls around the pipes is not only expensive, but it can also make your home feel smaller, from lowering ceilings to shrinking the size of rooms. You’ve got several options when it comes to exposed pipes, from redecorating and building around them to even re-plumbing the space entirely.

Redecorate to Accommodate Exposed Pipes

Pipes don’t need to be the eyesore that they are. Exposed pipes are a trendy look, and they can be incorporated into your décor with some easy updates. I’ve seen a lot of copper piping in particular making a comeback in interior decoration. Going for a retro or industrial feel is one way to pull the pipes into the overall look of your home with vintage fixtures and classic furniture. Light fixtures and even frames for shelves and counters can be made out of pipes, blending the plumbing into the décor. Giving the look a sense of purpose and embracing the exposed pipes can change the whole feel of your home. You can even choose a paint color for the room that compliments the pipes so that they stand out in a positive way rather than clashing with everything else. For some creative ideas, check this pinterest search.

Build Around the Pipes

Another option when dealing with exposed pipes is to simply build around them. Many bathrooms with old fashioned sinks have the pipes exposed beneath also tend to lack storage space. Building a cabinet to go underneath the sink solves both of these issues by covering the plumbing and giving your bathroom a space for toiletries and other items. If the pipes are in the living room or office, adding a bookshelf around them can give your library a bit of modern chic, as well as allowing you to take advantage of wall space that would otherwise be wasted.

Creative Pipe Coverings

Perhaps you don’t want to simply have plain exposed pipes in your home, but you also don’t want to spend the money to build around them. Another way to go is to decorate or cover the pipes themselves. Painting the pipes can change their whole look, and help them blend into your preexisting color scheme. You can also wrap them either with rope or another covering to add a bit of nautical flair. PVC pipes can be wrapped with electrical tape in bright, seasonal colors. You can also sew a skirt for your sink with a piece of fabric that matches your curtains or other textiles.

Re-Plumb the Space

If you don’t want to decorate to accommodate your pipes, you can always just re-plumb. While this might cost a bit up front, moving the pipes back into the walls may be the best option for you. Exposed pipes may not be part of the look you want in your home and may require more redecorating or too much accommodation. In that case, contact Done Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric to help you understand the extent of the plumbing work needed to switch exposed pipes for hidden ones. Helping you find the right balance between plumbing form and function is one of our specialties.

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