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Enhancing Home Value and Comfort with Strategic Lighting Design

An electrician installing a vanity light on a wall

If you’ve ever had to stumble blindly around your home trying to locate a lamp or had to purchase lamps to light the dim corners of a room, you may need to reevaluate your home lighting.

Outside of the kitchen and bathroom many homeowners put little to no thought into the lighting throughout the rest of the home. Kitchens and bathrooms have the highest impact on the value of a home which is why many people tend to put such high value on the choice and design of the lighting within them. When such value and importance is placed on kitchen and bathroom lighting we tend to forget about the need for efficient home lighting throughout the rest of the house.

Lighting is a multifunction component in our homes, providing us not only with light, but a safe and visible environment. There are many options available from elaborate chandeliers to small simple ceiling fixtures or wall sconces. Table and standing lamps may not appeal to many homeowners whether it’s due to limited space or the risk of children and pets knocking them over. Regardless of the reason, options for lighting style and design are nearly limitless and can be used throughout your home to reflect and express your personal style and design.

A few light fixture choices:

Ceiling fixtures

  • Best used in areas that require a minimal light output, such as small rooms
  • Multiple ceiling fixtures in a small area can create a cluttered or messy appearance

Recessed ceiling fixtures

  • Often referred to as can lights
  • Perfect for large areas that require a lot of light, but still great for small areas
  • Great for low ceilings
  • Customizable layout to bring light exactly where you want/need it

Ceiling fan/light fixtures

  • Dual function
  • Great to provide light in smaller enclosed areas
  • The ceiling fan function can help to lower energy bills all year

Wall mounted fixtures

  • Wall sconces and wall mounted fixtures can be used to create reflect design and style in a home, while also providing light
  • Often used in bathrooms or hallways

Strip lighting fixtures

  • For areas that need light without the need for style like the Basement, Garage, or Unfinished areas
  • Cost effective to install and use
  • Available as fluorescent or LED fixtures

The electricians at Done are skilled at lighting installation of all kinds, in any area of your home. Our team can help you with the installation of a new lighting fixture whether it is a new chandelier in your entryway or new can lights in your kitchen, we can help. At Done we are dedicated to providing safe and efficient electric service in your home. Whether you are installing additional lighting or updating old fixtures for a new look or better energy efficient LEDs, Done can help you today.

*Due to the many options, price ranges, and design styles – Done does not provide decorative fixtures for installation. We do provide strip lighting, recessed lighting and some LED fixtures in order to provide our lighting warranty. Our technicians may be able to suggest options or the best choice for fixtures in a specific area of your home.

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