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Practical Plumbing Safety Tips and Tricks for Homeowners

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Each plumbing project brings unique challenges. If you are setting out on your own project, here are some things to keep in mind:

Please do these things:

Protect your hands

Nobody wants to lose the function of their hands. Protect them with gloves throughout the entire process. Whether you are using sharp objects (like a utility knife), or using any chemicals (like plumbing adhesives) it is best practice to keep your hands safe during the process.

Protect your eyes

There are some nasty concoctions that brew inside drain pipes, and you do not want that, or any chemicals to get into your eyes while you undergo your personal plumbing project. WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES!

Protect your lungs

Using a face mask to filter the air of all the harmful particulates is a smart idea in any construction project. Also, be certain to apply any necessary chemicals in a well ventilated area.

Read labels

A good practice in general, making sure you are following manufacturers suggestions can save you a whole heap of unnecessary work both now and in the future. There are many instances that people who are somewhat comfortable with plumbing assume they remember how to use a certain product. This is a dangerous situation. This is a common situation of knowing just enough to get yourself in trouble.

Be informed

Make sure you understand all your local codes and regulations. Not only are they there for your protection, but ensure the value of your home should your ever decide (or heaven forbid—need) to sell.

Please Do not:

Work while impaired

If you start a project, get frustrated, and start yelling at your significant other, our number is 833-539-9153. We’re happy to pick up the project where you left off.

Misuse tools or equipment

Tools are intended for specific purposes. “Extending” their function is not advised, and can lead to some dangerous, and disastrous outcomes. Take the time to get the right tool, it will pay off in the end. If you are unwilling to acquire the correct tools, give us a call. We have all the tools necessary, no matter what you plumbing issue may be.

Ignore the smell of gas

If you smell gas, USE EXTREME CAUTION! Our recommendation is to leave immediately (do not turn on or off any lights or appliances) and call 9-1-1 from a neighbors home.

If you were the cause of the gas leak and are confident the danger is low, shut the master gas valve off. If you cannot, or do not know how, do not turn on any light switches and keep your door open as you get away from your house to call 9-1-1 from a safe distance.

As a general rule, if you smell gas, do not ever use matches or candles to look for the leak, and DO NOT turn any electric switches on or off if you suspect a gas leak.

Ignore safety codes

If you are working on your own plumbing, it is your responsibility to know the applicable safety and building codes. Do not ignore them! Ignoring them will bite you down the road.

If you have any questions, or started a project and need some help, we would be happy to come assist. Call 833-539-9153!

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