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5 Things You Should Be Doing for Your HVAC

A Done HVAC technician showing a customer how to use their smart thermostat

Here in Colorado we have constantly changing temperatures. In one day we can have 80s, to snow, to rain, right back to the 80s. It’s a constant whirlwind of changing temperatures. With that being said, we work our HVAC systems into the ground and it’s important to remember to maintain them to keep them running in tip top shape. Here are a few tips to keep your HVAC running as smoothly as possible.

Running Your HVAC

You should always ensure you’re not overworking your HVAC. Don’t make it work harder than necessary and don’t let your home get too hot/cold before you turn it on. Your HVAC system can only cool/heat your home by 20% without overloading so it is crucial to regulate your home’s temperature so you don’t stress your unit. Keep your windows and doors closed when running your HVAC, keep shades drawn when you run your A/C on hot days, and avoid as much direct sunlight through your doors and windows.

Air Filters

You should replace your air filters at least every 3 months but more if you have a larger family, pets, or have allergies. You can reduce your energy bill by at least 10% by consistently replacing out your air filters. Not only will this save you money but protect your family’s health.


When you constantly change the settings on your thermostat, this can often cause inefficiency. When your A/C is on, switch your A/C to fan to prevent hot and cold pockets from forming, this will help in preventing your condenser from icing. Better yet, consider a smart thermostat that can be programmed and learn your temperature control habits for optimal performance.


Remember your HVAC is not just inside but outside as well. Clear any plants from your HVAC with a range of at least 12-18″. Make sure the indoor vents remain unobstructed to ensure maximum air circulation.

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduling regularly scheduled appoints with Done Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric can be extremely beneficial to your HVAC system. We do professional maintenance checks and ensure everything is running properly and efficiently. If you’re in need of having your HVAC maintained, contact us today!

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