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What Does It Mean When We Have White or Brown Water?

A photo of someone getting clean water out of their kitchen faucet

Our sinks. We use them every single day of our lives. Sometimes when using them, we can encounter strange and possibly worrying issues but fear not! Most of the time these are quick and common fixes.

White Water

Milky, white water, also described as cloudy, hazy, soapy or foamy, is almost 99.9% of the time caused by the air in the water. One of water’s main properties is the ability to dissolve gases which is why when the air comes out in water, it can often cause tiny bubbles to form giving the water the appearance of a white color. To see if this is indeed from air in the water, you should fill a clear glass with water and set it aside. After a few minutes, if it is indeed white from air, the water will begin to clear from bottom to top. This is completely natural and your water is safe to use. This often happens during the spring when the air begins to warm, during a heat wave, or if any plumbing work has taken place. If you discover that your water does not clear, contact Done Plumbing for an evaluation.

Brown Water

The usual main cause of this often comes down to iron. Sometimes when your sink’s water comes out brown it is because it has too much iron in it. Iron is a common, naturally occurring metal in soil and because of this it is normally within your water in the first place. With normal water, your water provides about 5% of the iron you need to eat or drink each day. While brown sink water is not dangerous, it can be quite annoying. Excessive iron levels can reach your water in a few ways. One of the more common ways is when rust dislodges from your pipes and enters your water pipes. This usually happens when pressure in the pipes change. Usually to clear brown water, you should run cold water for about 20 minutes to clear out your system. If it remains brown, you should contact a local plumber.

Contact Done to Test & Improve Your Water Quality

While brown and white water is normally normal, if they do not clear up it can be a sign of a different cause. If your water continues to be colored, contact us today at Done Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric so we can find the underlying cause to your water quality issues and get you back to your clear, delicious water today.

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