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3 Plumbing Emergencies You Shouldn’t Fix Yourself

A woman frustrated on the phone while water leaks into a bucket behind her

Plumbing emergencies can be really demanding, especially if you’re the only one in the house who has to deal with it. You always rely on Google search for DIYs on how to repair it. However, you should also know when to stop and seek the professional help of Done Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric in Denver.

Frozen Pipes

Did you wake up to frozen pipes again? You can always wait and see if it thaws out, but this is risky because pipes might be more susceptible the next time the temperature goes down. Constantly thawing your pipes can also weaken them. Get in touch with us before your pipes burst. If you do find a leak, check if you’re dealing with a burst or cracked pipe, then give us a call.

Massive Water Line Damage

Broken or frozen pipes lead to main water line damage, and if the damage is big, you would need to contact us. Fixing extensive damage is nothing to experiment on, even if you already know a few things about plumbing. It will take a lot of energy, time, and skills, and if done incorrectly can lead to greater, more expensive repairs

New Water Heater

If you just bought a new water heater and want to set it up, ask for our help. We will install it without problems, and also recycle your old one. Getting help saves you from the dangers involved.
Installing an electric water heater deals with 240 volts of electricity, while setting up a gas heater incorrectly may lead to gas leaks. We make sure all the safety features are in place and that it’s set up following current local plumbing code.

Minor plumbing repairs can be done without the need of a plumber’s advice, but you should know when to step down to avoid causing more damage and unnecessary expenses.

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