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How Do I Know if I Have Water Leaks in My Walls?

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At Done Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric, we understand that plumbing emergencies do not take place at convenient times, or in convenient places. There are occasions, when in the best intentions, a mistake is made while hanging a picture, shelf, or making some other useful improvement to the interior of your home and too long of a screw or nail is used. Now, you may have plumbing leak in your wall.

Typically, this type of mistake goes unnoticed. There are certain occasions, however, when a nail, or screw, goes too far into the wall and punctures some of your plumbing. At first, the leak that this type of a puncture creates goes unnoticed, but after time, the constant presence of moisture in your walls shows up as a mold stain in your carpet or running down the wall where the leak is present. If there is a spot showing up that could be a mold stain, get out of your house, and call us to come take a look at it.

When un undetected leak occurs, and is left unfixed long enough to develop mold, it can be an incredibly dangerous situation that can cause some serious health issues.

Breathing in mold is not good. In fact, it can lead to a host of medical problems that linger the rest of your life.  What started as an innocent effort to hang a picture on your wall, may turn into something much more serious.

How do you avoid this situation? Do not use fasteners that are too long. They can puncture plumbing. Also, be careful where you do insert a screw or nail, for whatever reason, where there might be pipes in the wall. Most homes, built to code in recent years, have plates that stop such a nail or screw from actually puncturing the plumbing in your home.

Sometimes, accidents happen. If you have knowingly punctured a pipe, or if you are seeing mold spots forming on your walls, in your ceilings, or in your floors, please give us a call at 833-539-9153. We are emergency plumbers that are available for homes across Denver to come fix your issue 7 days a week.

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