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Should My Plumber be Licensed?

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Every homeowner has questions when it comes to hiring contractors to work on any part of their home. Whether it be exterior work being done, or work on the insides, the guts, the plumbing of your home, there are necessary due diligences that a homeowner must perform in order to keep their home, and wallet safe from fly-by-night type of outfits.

One of the first questions that is asked is should my plumber be licensed? The short answer is Yes! Plumbers must be licensed  by their respective state in order to be legally working on your home’s or business’ plumbing. To look up whether or not a plumber has their license in Colorado, click here. 

And you can be confident that the plumbers of Done Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric are licensed, and insured.

What if the Plumber Isn’t Licensed?

If your plumber does not have their license, the first thing that you are risking is the quality of work. If they have not gone through the necessary steps, and proven their experience, it is plausibly arguable that they have not taken the time to complete the job adequately, and that risks your entire home. Good luck getting an insurance company to pay for the damages caused by you hiring an unlicensed plumber!

If that is not enough of a deterrent in itself, the next issue that hiring a non-licensed plumber presents is that it makes it much more difficult to pass any necessary inspections that must occur before the project can officially be considered complete. Without providing a license number, inspections fail.

The simple fact is that hiring unlicensed plumbers is a dangerous proposition. We highly discourage it.

The Credibility That We Offer

At Done Plumbing, we carry all the necessary licenses in order to legally work on your plumbing. All of our plumbers have the certifications, and skills necessary to take care of any of your plumbing needs. To have a licensed plumber address your plumbing issue, call us at 833-539-9153, or fill out our contact form online.

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