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Simple Summer Plumbing Tips

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Summer is a great time to be outdoors, especially in Colorado. From the hiking, biking, camping, BBQs, baseball games, and other activities, there is a ton of fun to be had. But the summer weather, and your outdoor activities, also means different demands on your plumbing system. If you are aware of them, then you can stop them from becoming problems.

Washer & Dryer

As you spend more time outdoors, your clothes get dirtier. Dirty clothes means more laundry and an increased demand on your washing and dryer machines. To make sure your washing machine and dryer are working properly, a small amount of maintenance can go a long way to extend their life span:

  • Replace old hoses on your washer. Constant expanding and contracting can cause cracks in your old hoses, and replacing them can help avoid the damages that leaks can cause.
  • Cleaning out the vent in your dryer helps reduce the risk of your house burning down due to a clogged vent. Cleaning out the vent also helps keep your dryer running more efficiently.

Plumbing Tips for your Outdoor Activities

When mowing your lawn, watch for sprinkler heads. Replacing the sprinkler heads is not a huge task, but it still takes time and effort, and those two things can be better spent.

And if you go on vacation, turn down the temperature on your water heater. This will help save some energy and money on your energy bill.

If you have extra tall or greener grass around a sprinkler head, check for any leaks. You may be able to simply tighten the sprinkler head to save some water.

When you have a cookout or BBQ, make sure that what gets thrown down the garbage disposal is not going to break it or clog your drain. For more complete information on what is acceptable to put down the garbage disposal read this post.

Sewer Lines

Having your sewer lines checked before the heat of the summer months sets in is a good idea, particularly after a wet spring. Tree roots will seek any leaks in a sewer line in hopes of absorbing that natural fertilizer, and it can cause a much bigger problem if not fixed earlier rather than later.

If you encounter any problems while tending to these few helpful tips, please do not hesitate to contact us.

From me and the team at Done Plumbing – have a great summer!

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