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Unlocking the Benefits of LED Lighting in Your Home

A person installing LED strip lighting

If you’re considering an easy, quick electrical upgrade in your home, changing out your old incandescent or CFL bulbs for new LED light bulbs may be the way to go. As a bonus, this easy upgrade can save you money in the long run by helping to lower your energy bill. estimates that $675 million was saved in 2012 due to the installation of approximately 49 million LED bulbs, just in the US. If this trend continued and even increased, over the next few years the US could dramatically decrease electric consumption for lighting with a simple switch to LED lighting options.

Previously LED bulbs were not considered a viable option for many homeowners due to their cost. They were simply too expensive to be a justifiable cost to the average homeowner. Some LED bulbs are now available to purchase for as low as $5.00 per bulb and an increase in competition is to thank. Now, this does still make LED bulbs more expensive initially, until you consider other additional savings. LED bulbs can last for years in the right conditions and use far less energy than CFL and incandescent bulbs.

LED light bulbs are the multipurpose light source that can be used for anything from a traffic light to a bathroom light bulb to holiday decor. The LED bulb also comes in a variety of colors, lighting tones and options for use around the home. Unlike their initial release on the market, LEDs are now available in bright white tones to dimmer yellow tones. The availability of color and lighting options make LEDs the obvious first choice. There are even specialty bulbs available that can be programmed to change colors or patterns and can be controlled by remotes.

Light bulbs were previously purchased based upon their wattage which is energy consumed, but LED bulbs are classified by lumens. Lumens are the measurement of light emitted per second, so the higher the lumens the brighter the bulb. The wattage used by LED bulbs is a mere fraction of what is used by incandescent or CFL light bulbs.

The list of pros for the use of LED light bulbs is immense. Here are just a few.

LED light bulbs:

  • Are cool to the touch
  • Turn on instantly
  • Have no sensitivity to humidity or low temperature
  • Consume small amounts of energy
  • Are more durable than incandescent or CFL bulbs

One small drawback to the LED bulb is that they are not all compatible with the average dimmer switch. If you are installing LED bulbs in fixtures controlled by dimmer switches it is important to verify that they will be compatible with your existing switches. Though, if you should purchase bulbs that are not compatible with your existing switches there are dimmers available that will be.

Whether you have already made the upgrade or are looking to make the switch from incandescent or CFL to LED you’ll want to do your research. If there is any uncertainty as to whether or not you should make the switch, call Done. Our electricians are licensed, trained, and qualified to install any electrical component in your home. Whether it is the replacement of existing bulbs or the installation of new compatible dimmer switches, Done is the electrician to call.

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