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When Does Your Plumbing System Need an Inspection?

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Inspections aren’t usually the kind of service a homeowner would call a plumber or repairman for. If you suspect something’s wrong with your drainage system or toilet, you’d immediately phone them for a repair. If you don’t, you go ahead with your usual tasks: washing the dishes, taking a shower, etc. However, if you’re looking to keep a well-maintained plumbing system, you must regularly take a good look at it.

The question is, when do you call for a plumbing inspection, and when does your plumbing system need it?

Signs You Might Need a Plumbing Inspection:

Hissing or Banging Sounds

Pipes working just fine are relatively quiet, with sounds only audible when water flows from them or when certain systems are switched on. However, incessant hissing or banging noises are almost always a sure sign of plumbing problems. It may be due to a loose pipe or an impending leak problem that may cause more damage than expected. Call a plumber for a quick check if you hear them, no matter how faint they sound.

An Old Home

After renovating and moving into a 10-year or older home, you may want to call for an inspection before settling into the house. While everything may initially seem like they’re working perfectly, you still have to make sure the pipes aren’t on the brink of totally corroding and causing uncontrollable leaks. An aging metal is prone to rust and corrosion, so check to see if it’s time to replace some of the pipes at home.

A Habit

Having an inspection at least once a year is a good habit for homeowners. Doing so helps determine possible problems and prevent them from causing severe damage. This also spares you from extra costs; an inspection may detect a pipe that needs replacement, which you can deal with easily, unlike if you wait for the water to burst from it and flood your entire house.

Done provides inspection services with our maintenance plan, the 1st Service Club. As the trusted plumbers in Denver, you can count on us to do the dirty work for you: cleaning drains, repairing pipes, and inspecting them.

Get in touch with us 7 days a week, and we’ll be there right on schedule. Call Done Plumbing for efficient plumbing services today.

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