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The Origin Of Done

The Done logo outside the offices in Aurora, CO

It’s pretty simple… we are Done Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric, Denver, CO’s finest home service provider spearheaded by the Metz family who brought the brand to life! Why didn’t we call ourselves Metz Plumbing & Heating instead? The word D-O-N-E has its history stemming from our patriarch, Jeff Metz, and you’ll soon discover that the word itself hits close to home for all of us.

Get it Done Right

Back in the day, whenever someone would ask Jeff for help, ‘ok’ or ‘sure’ held no merit. For anyone close to Jeff, they knew his natural response would be the simple yet powerful statement: “done!” For Jeff, it was a no-questions-asked response that held him accountable to the final expectation: “it’s done!” and with excellence no less. This continuous response grew to be Jeff’s signature to all the work he performed. Soon enough, his dedicated mindset started to rub off on those around him, and it wasn’t long before everyone had adopted this sense of urgency as a basic approach to doing business.  

Whether customers need their furnace repaired or their drain cleared, the Done technicians uphold Jeff’s response to any task at hand, so much so, that they proudly drive through our city with it’s name on display and an exclamation point to emphasize our urgency (and excitement to get the job done).

With our company name, we want to convey a clear message to our customers. We can handle any service they require in record time. We guarantee a 5-star experience with every visit, and we won’t settle for less. Denver locals know our catch phrase all too well: “one call and it’s Done”

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