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Why Do My Home’s Pipes Make Noise?

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As homeowners, every once in a while we may come across plumbing issues. While normal, these can often be a frustrating event especially if we don’t necessarily know the cause. As plumbers who have served thousands of Denver homes’ pipes since 1999, we have experienced nearly every type of plumbing issue. Here are a few common issues and answers to every day plumbing issues.


Sometimes after using the sink, shower, or toilet, you may hear a strange gurgling noise. This is a very common plumbing issue and often the result of a blocked drain or vent pipe. Often times, the mixture of dirt and grease can build up within the drains and plumbing which then can cause it to drain much more slowly. Because of this, air bubbles can not get through the pipes and then will be expelled through the nearest opening, resulting in that audible gurgling noise. One of the best way to prevent gurgling is to keep the drain as clear as possible. Never put anything down the drain such as food, hair, grease, etc. If there is a pre-existing build up, there are some chemical solutions or a plumber’s snake that can be used to clear the drain.

Another possible reason for gurgling drains may be because of a blocked vent pipe. This vet pipe is connected to all the main plumbing pipes throughout your home and is then vented out through the roof of your home. This vent could be blocked because of leaves, dirt, a bird’s nest, etc. Due to this blockage, the air is not able to pass through the opening and can result in a gurgling noise. To clear this up, you would need to call a Denver plumber to have them unblock the vent.


A humming noise in your pipes can be caused from pipes that are the wrong size, a change in water pressure when the faucets are in use, an issue with the toilet’s tank refilling, worn washers, etc. Before repair, it’s important to find the source of the problem before trying to attempt any sort of repair.

Causes & Solutions

Check your water pressure, especially if the noise is only when the water is running. If so, this could be a result of high water pressure causing your pipes to hum. You can invest in a water pressure test gauge and install it to your outside water faucet. If your water pressure exceeds 60-7-psi, adjust your pressure reducer valve on your main water line.

On your main water valve, check to see that the pressure reducer valve is completely open. If not completely open, this can often create that “humming” noise. If this doesn’t work, consider changing out the washer on the valve itself. Make sure to contact your water company and request your water to be shut off until your valve is repaired.

Close off individual shut off valves if you cannot find where the noise is coming from, especially if this sound is emitting from your toilet. Whenever the noise stops, you should open each valve individually and try to locate the problem source.


Sometimes you may notice your pipes appear to be dripping so much water, you’re positive that there must be a leak somewhere. Upon a closer look though, you may discover there is actually no leak but rather your pipes are instead “sweating”. The sweating, which is actually condensation your pipes, is when the water inside the pipe is much colder than the surrounding humid air. During the summer, this air is naturally much hotter and during the winter, the air is artificially heated by your furnace. In either case, when the warm, humid air reaches the cold pipes, the drops of moisture will form and drip on your pipes. An effective way of reducing the sweating of your pipes is to consider insulating them. There are many types of self-adhesive drip tapes that can help with this condensation.

Contact Done Plumbing

Plumbing issues and mysteries can often be seen as a daunting task but when you are able to find the cause of the problem and know the solution, the situation becomes much easier. If you have any plumbing questions, please contact Done Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric at 833-539-9153 today!

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