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Avoid Downtime with Continuous Production Motor Maintenance

An HVAC technician maintaining commercial HVAC equipment

In today’s industry, efficient and cost effective manufacturing processes are key to success, so much so that manufacturers are continually looking for new ways to produce the greatest number of products at the lowest cost possible. One of the most popular methods manufacturers are improving their productivity is through increased automation of the manufacturing process and electric motors are the muscles helping to fuel this automation revolution. Powerful, highly versatile and economical, electric motors are used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications including:

  • Conveyor systems
  • Automated distribution warehouses
  • Industrial robotics
  • Industrial manufacturing equipment
  • Assembly lines
  • Mining equipment
  • Automated package delivery centers
  • Quality control systems

The High Cost of Automated System Failures

As electric motors are used more and more in the automation of commercial and industrial processes it has become increasingly crucial for businesses to make sure their automated systems and electric motors powering them are installed and maintained properly and repaired promptly. Failure to do so can cost businesses considerable money in lost productivity. A 1987 the book ” Microstructures and Wear of Materials” written by Dr. Karl-Heinz Zum Gahr estimated that just the normal wear on industrial equipment as a result of ordinary friction cost US industry as much as 2% of the countries entire gross domestic profit, which was more than $15.6 trillion in 2013. Add to this production down time due to improperly installed, inadequately maintained and incorrectly repaired equipment, machinery and systems and the cost to commercial and industrial businesses is staggering.

Predictive and Proactive Maintenance

In order to combat the expenses of lost production due to the failure of industrial machines, equipment and electric motors many businesses are focusing on predictive and proactive maintenance to reduce unscheduled downtime, minimize machine repair costs and optimize efficiency. While some are turning to specialized monitoring equipment to provide operators ongoing information on the equipment’s condition, this equipment is subject to the same malfunctions as the equipment it is designed to monitor resulting in added cost to businesses and providing minimal protection. The best way for businesses to ensure production lines and the electric motors powering them, keep running is with the help of qualified, experienced and skilled maintenance personnel. In the case of industrial electric motors, this includes contracting with an electric service specifically trained and certified to work on such industrial electrical equipment.

Done can install, repair and provide ongoing, proactive maintenance for all of your commercial and industrial electric motors. Our team of experienced, knowledgeable and licensed electricians can we install your electric motors safely and properly from the beginning and with one of our convenient and affordable service contacts we can keep them running at peak efficiency. Don’t trust the success of your business with anyone. Contact Done today and rest assured that the electric motors that power your business will keep turning safely and efficiently.

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