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Why is My Boiler Banging Like That?!

A photo of a Done plumber repairing a water heater

So you’re sitting on the couch enjoying your favorite team toss the pigskin, when all of a sudden you hear a loud banging coming from the basement. You get up and go downstairs to find out that it’s the water heater. All of a sudden it stops, so you think nothing of it and go back to the game. A few days later, your wife wakes you up around 3 a.m. thinking that someone is breaking into the house. You listen closely and recognize the sound from a few days back when it happened during the game. You calm your wife down after you realize it’s the boiler again. It’s now gotten loud enough to hear outside, and also has woken up your kids. At this point, you are  realizing that if there is going to be any chance for you to get any sleep or enjoy the next football game, you need to understand why the dang thing is making all that racket and handle it…pronto.

Don’t Worry…You’re Not Alone

This occurrence happens in homes across the U.S. all the time, but the fact that it’s the water heater makes most consumers automatically worried and scared. It can be hard to sleep at night not only because it is banging like crazy, but because you now are dealing with something that is taking away your peace of mind.Malfunctioning water heaters can be deadly, and most home owners who don’t know much about them are afraid that theirs may actually explode if something like constant banging spontaneously occurs. All they can envision is a possible fire accident, and these concerned folks lose a lot of sleep over it.

There are a couple of common causes of boilers making a loud, annoying banging noise. The first one happens over time. It’s when sediment builds up at the bottom of your tank and eventually causes the sound. But, if your banging is occurring shortly after your water heater was installed, it’s probably not that, and there’s a good chance that it’s a misadjusted burner or a bad thermostat. If you’re over heating the water, that’s what’s causing the banging.

So, What Can You Actually Do About the Banging?

There’s a way to check if this is happening to your boiler. Locate the pressure valve that releases water (it’s normally at the top of the heater). Go ahead and adjust it, and let some of the water run out through the line. Do this very cautiously, because this is a water heater, and steam may shoot out – that or either boiling water. If that’s what happens,shut off the gas right away and call us to take a look at it.

If you end up needing a boiler  replacement, we’ll install it for you. If it needs repairs, minor or major, our pros have got you covered. The Denver area is in good hands when it comes to occurrences such as banging water heaters, being that we are the leaders in residential (as well as commercial) repair or replacement of them. After we’re done, you’ll definitely be able to enjoy the next football game in peace, and afterwards get a good night’s sleep.

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