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Understanding the Noises In Your Plumbing

Up close of a kitchen faucet

A hum, a rattle, a gurgle — these are some familiar sounds you’ll hear from your kitchen sink. Ideally, your sink should not make noise other than the gush of water from your faucet. However, for several reasons, you may find yourself with a “singing” sink. Fortunately, you can find the remedy to most of the sounds your faucet produces within your very home.

What the Noise in Your Pipes Means…

When it Hums

Hum is usually the result of water loss in your pipes. This sound usually indicates a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. It may also result from a leak in your plumbing fixtures, such as your toilet. If it’s a leak in your pipes, the water pressure inside and the ambient pressure around it will generate the humming sound. Because of the pressure difference, the area near the leak will experience vibrations as the pressure attempts to equalize. This gentle vibration is what leads to the hum.

The hum can be difficult to recognize on your own, but if you catch it from under the sink, call an expert. Our plumbers in Denver have the experience and the tools to detect and amplify the noise. The amplification will allow us to determine the problem and provide the best solution.

When it Rattles

Your choice of kitchen sink is essential both for aesthetic and practical reasons. Still, certain materials produce more noise than others. Stainless steel, for example, is a popular material for kitchen sinks. However, as anyone who has ever dropped a spoon can attest, stainless steel can get loud, fast. Sinks are no exception since the space between dual stainless steel sinks can create audible vibrations. The best way to reduce the noise is by getting a sink with spray coating or padding. You can also apply to expand foam in between the sinks to lessen the noise.

When it Gurgles

Gurgling noises are often the result of a clog in the drainpipe. You hear the gurgling because something blocks water flow in your drainpipes, creating air bubbles in the main drain. To better understand why your sink is humming or gurgling, call us. Let our plumbers diagnose the problem and apply the right solution so your sink stays quiet.

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