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Expert Lighting Solutions for Every Need: Residential, Commercial, and Industrial

A person installing a ceiling light in the kitchen

Electric light has been hailed by scientists and historians alike as one of the best inventions of all time. While many give credit to Thomas Edison, the electric light bulb was actually invented in 1809 by Humphry Davy, an English chemist. Thomas Edison’s contribution to the electric light bulb was a carbon filament that allowed the bulb to burn three times longer than previous bulbs. Edison’s longer lasting light bulb forever changed the world in ways many may not have even considered. Not only did the electric light bulb allow us to make better and safer use of the night time hours, it also inspired others to find new uses for electricity in industry, commerce and residential communities.

Since Edison’s breakthrough in 1879, scientists, inventors and visionaries have continued to make significant improvements to electric lighting. As a result, there are a staggering number of lighting options available and a vast number of applications in which to utilize them. To those unfamiliar with today’s lighting technologies, all of the options can be overwhelming.

Done is the lighting authority in the Greater Denver area. Our team of qualified, experienced licensed and insured electricians can design, install and service lighting systems to fit almost any lighting needs including:

  • Residential lighting such as kitchen lighting, bathroom lighting, outdoor lighting and more.
  • Commercial lighting including business signage, office lighting, retail lightning and security lighting.
  • Industrial lighting for manufacturing facilities, processing plants and warehouses to name a few.

At A-power Electric Service, we stay up to date on all of types of lighting technologies from industry standards to the latest eco-friendly lighting solutions. Some of the more popular lighting options include:

  • LED lighting
  • Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL)
  • Sodium-vapor lighting
  • Neon lighting
  • Mercury-vapor lighting
  • Halogen lighting

In addition, our team’s extensive lighting and electrical knowledge and experience guarantees the lighting system we install will meet or exceed all national, state and local electrical codes and requirements. At Done, making sure your lighting and electric service is safe is our top priority. Whether you require residential, commercial or industrial lighting solutions, Done has you covered. Don’t be left in the dark, call Done today and let us satisfy all your lighting needs.

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