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Done and Adoption Options

A Done plumber preparing to work under a kitchen sink

Working across Denver for the last 20+ years, we’ve been blessed to touch the lives of so many families in some of the most meaningful ways. The team at Done Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric are proud to provide families in Denver various home services to bring them closer together. Since 1981, Adoption Options has been Colorado’s most used adoption agency. They have placed over 1,550 infants and children in safe, loving homes. They offer many vital services that are needed for the benefit of adoptive parents, birth parents, community partners, and child welfare professionals. They do this through education with an extensive team of trained professionals. Their goal is not to persuade them towards a decision, but the organization’s mission is to offer the facts that will in turn, allow parents to make the decision that fits their needs and wants.

In addition to adoption services and counseling, they have education and training programs. These are designed to help guide child wellness professionals and families through their foster care and adoption journey. Preparation and coaching will ultimately be successful in assisting families and children involved in the child welfare system.

Done has become a 2014 sponsor for this group. We know how important it is for children to find a warm, loving home and want nothing more than to help out any way we can. We hope that our donation will allow this organization to grow even more than it already has, so children can grow up in a safe environment.

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