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Done and the Colorado Ocean Coalition

The outside of the Done building in Aurora

Despite living in the landlocked state of Colorado, the team at Done Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric understand the value of our Earth’s water supply. Whether it’s for us to drink or creatures to live in. The Colorado Ocean Coalition was formed in order to unite a Colorado coalition with shared values and goals to come together and promote healthy oceans and watershed. Until now, there has not been an organization designed to protect the oceans in the mountain states. They believe that just because you do not live near an ocean, does not mean you should not care about them. The ecological systems are so interconnected that means actions that are taken in the mountains could ultimately affect what happens to the sea. These actions include using plastics, sharing your environmental ethics with your families, and much more.

The Colorado Ocean Coalition has recently decided to start a new program that focuses on educating others in hopes they will go out and educate others as well. This program is called the Ocean Ambassador Outreach Volunteer program. They believe that in order for people to take action and help, they need to be informed and inspired. This new program is designed to teach others how to inform and inspire others so they can take action.

Done is honored to be able to sponsor this new program. We are the first to sponsor this program and we hope that others will follow. We believe in the importance of informing and inspiring.  The ambassadors program is what will get people to get involved. Many do not understand that things we do here in the mountains affects the oceans and we hope to help change that. If you believe in the conservation of the oceans and watershed, we hope you help sponsor this new program like we have, or help spread the word.

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