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Will Insurance Cover Broken Pipes?

A frozen pipe with water leaking

The discovery of water damage in your home can cause you to feel stressed and uneasy, and rightfully so. Water damage can have a serious impact on the health of the structure of your home as well as the air quality. One of the most common causes of water damage is a burst or leaking pipe. This type of event may result in plumbing repairs, drywall and flooring repairs, furniture damage and a variety of other costly issues for you to deal with. Even a small leak can result in hundreds of dollars or more of damage, and a major leak may also require water remediation services to prevent mold growth from developing. In addition, you may have had to turn off the water until the repair work is completed, and this can be a true inconvenience. If you have discovered water in your home from a leaking or burst pipe, you may be wondering if you can file a claim with your homeowners insurance company to minimize your out-of-pocket costs. The good news is that many types of water damage from a leaking pipe are covered by most homeowners insurance policy, and you may be able to file a claim to ease the financial stress you may be feeling.

Reviewing Your Insurance Policy

There are significant variations in homeowners insurance policies, so the first step to follow is to review your insurance policy to learn more about which types of damage are included. Many policies include water damage to a home, and this often includes damage from ruptured pipes. One cause that may not be included, however, is if the pipe burst because of freezing weather conditions and you did not take precautions to prevent the damage. This is not an exception in every policy, but it is common in many of them.

Understanding the Cause of the Pipe Damage

Before you can file a claim, it is important to understand the cause of the pipe damage. If the weather is warm outside, there is a good chance that your pipes ruptured because they were weakened or otherwise in poor condition. If there were freezing weather conditions but the water in the pipes never froze, such as if the pipe that burst was on the interior of the home rather than on an exterior wall, the damage may not have been caused by the weather. We can review the condition of the pipes and help you to determine what the cause of the damage is. This information can be beneficial when you are filing an insurance claim.

What We Can Do for You

At Done Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric, we understand how damaging water can be to your home, and we also know that you may have had to turn off the water supply until the damage has been repaired. When you call us, you can expect a fast response from our licensed and insured plumbers, and you can expect us to repair the damage to the pipes quickly and at a fair price. After the pipe damage has been fixed, any other damage to the home may then be repaired. Through Done Plumbing you can quickly restore the functional use of your pipes so that life can return to usual.

After the pipe damage has been fixed, any other damage to walls, floors, or ceilings will also need to be addressed. If you need a referral for these other services, please let us know.

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