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Tips to Prevent Scalding Hot Showers

A Done plumber installing a new showerhead in a home

How long does it take for adult skin to get burned at water temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit? Eight minutes for a grown up to receive serious burns, but considerably less for infants and children according to

A Devastating Case of Shower Scalding

In one terrible example, a mother was found guilty of manslaughter when her baby was burned by scalding shower water. Two-year-old Kristiana Logina died of burns from water of around 136 degrees Fahrenheit according to reports. Her mother, Eva, was in the shower with her, but the child was burned because of the fact that children’s skin is much thinner than adults’. She treated the burns at home but never took the child to the hospital, so she was sentenced to six years in prison that also included cruelty charges.

How You Can Prevent Shower Scalding

The case above is an extreme example, but one that could have been prevented. The American Burn Association, an organization that does everything it can to prevent shower scalding, estimates that about 5,000 children get burned from water in showers and baths annually. Members of the association and people of the general public alike cringe when they hear of such a devastating and tragic shower scalding case like this one that involves a helpless child as the victim. They give out advice on their website (including recommending that homeowners don’t turn their thermostats past 125), but adjusting some thermostats (depending on the water heater model and age of the heater) fails to adequately reduce the temperature of scalding shower water. This is because, in many plumbing systems, heating water to above 140 degrees fahrenheit is required because anything lower than that lessons the overall ability of the water heater itself to supply heated water. So, in order to implement shower scalding prevention in homes, a proper temperature actuated mixing valve (similar to an ASSE 1017 valve) is what is now recommended.

Done Prevents Scalding Showers

If you already have an the right temperature actuated mixing valve, but your water seems to deliver overly hot water, we can set up a time to come to your residence and take a look at your water heater and make sure it is working properly and delivering water temperatures that will keep your family safe from scalds.

If you do not have the right valve, and you’re not sure what exactly to buy and would like us to ensure that your system is set up properly, that’s part of what we do with our routine maintenance. Our team loves what they do because we help protect the homes and health of our neighbors, and are eager to take the time in order to protect your home from water that is rising to excessively high temperatures not only in your shower, but in your bathroom and kitchen faucets as well.

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