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Start Of Season Heating Start-Up Tips

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The summer heat is finally starting to die down, and ironically, your next big problem will be keeping your home warm. To this end, most of us will be relying on our HVAC heating system to keep us warm through the cold fall and winter nights. However, forcing your furnace to start working again after months of inactivity can be disastrous for its health. Before you fire up your heater to keep you warm, you should take a few preventative maintenance measures before the cold sets in. That means that now is the perfect time to check on the health of your furnace.

Give Your Furnace A Slow, Easy Start

Instead of throwing your home’s furnace into the deep end, start it off slow. Find a day where the temperature isn’t too hot and use your thermostat to raise your home’s temperature by a few degrees. This low level of effort will allow your heater to cycle all of its systems without stressing any individual component too much. During this trial run, you should take note of any abnormalities that present themselves. From burning smells to unusual noises and other inconsistencies, anything could be an indicator of a problem with your system.

Clean Your Heat Exchanger and Other Components

If you skipped out on cleaning your furnace at the end of winter, chances are you’ll need to clear out some dirt and debris from your system. A dirty furnace is the cause of several problems that can be the ultimate source of your system’s demise. In fact, a dirty heat exchanger not only reduces heating performance but can also threaten the safety of your household! Poorly maintained heat exchangers are more likely to crack, and cracked heat exchangers allow carbon monoxide to enter your home.

While you’re at it, you may as well check on the state of the electrical connections to ensure that they’re clean as well. Improper electrical contacts often lead to inconsistent performance or even short circuits. However, all of this work is not always suited for the average homeowner. Make sure to contact your local HVAC specialists at Done HVAC if you feel that you need professional service to maintain your heating system.

Check Chimneys and Exhaust Vents

Most furnaces produce carbon monoxide; that much is a given. The trick here is ensuring that this gas exits through the dedicated vents and not into your home. To prevent a buildup of carbon monoxide in your home, check the vents your system uses to deal with the fumes it creates. Blockages or leaks in these vents can lead to the improper release of carbon monoxide.

Clean Or Change Air Filters

Air filters are an important part of ensuring that your newly cleaned system stays that way for as long as possible. A dirty filter allows dust and other particles to enter the system and eventually cause harmful buildup. To prevent this issue, all you need to do is clean or swap out the filter in your HVAC system. The most difficult part of this process is figuring out which filter works best with your system, but one of our HVAC specialists can help you figure out exactly which filter best fits your needs.

Have Your System’s Inspected By The Professionals Today!

If you notice any other issues during your system’s ramp-up to the winter season, don’t hesitate to call Done HVAC for advice. We have all of the knowledge and tools you need to maintain a clean and healthy furnace for years to come. Whether your system is making a noise that you can’t quite figure out or you’ve spotted gaps in your venting system, we’ve got you covered. Dial [phone] today and we’ll help you on your way!

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