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The Essential Role of Industrial Electric Services in Modern Business

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The U. S. Energy Information Administration reports that over half of the electricity produced worldwide is used by the industrial sector. That’s more than four times the electricity used by the commercial sector and almost three times the amount used by the residential sector. For an industrial business to be successful, safe and reliable industrial electric service is essential. One of the most important decisions an industrial business can make is to contract the right industrial electric service company to aid in the repair and maintenance of equipment.

The Role of an Industrial Electric Service

The two main functions of an industrial electric service are:

  • The testing, repairing and maintenance of industrial electrical equipment.
  • The installation, expansion and upgrade of industrial electrical equipment and service.

Inevitably, every industrial business will require both of these services on a regular basis and traditionally they have hired full time industrial electricians to provide them. Increasingly, a number of factors such as cost and improved demand for industrial electric services have caused businesses to contract industrial electric services to replace or augment staff industrial electricians.

The Benefits of Contracting an Industrial Electric Service

There are a number of benefits to contracting a qualified industrial electric service, including:

  • Cost – Businesses that hire a staff industrial electrician or staff team of electricians are responsible for not only each electrician’s salary, but also a myriad of benefits including medical insurance, vacation pay, unemployment taxes, workman’s compensation insurance, and many more. These additional expenses are an ongoing cost for a business regardless of the business’s electrical service needs. While the initial cost of an industrial electric service might be slightly more than that of a staff industrial electrician or team initially, over time contracting an industrial electric service can actually save your business money. Businesses contracting industrial electric service only pay an agreed upon rate and are not responsible for any of the additional expenses associated with employees, thereby reducing overhead. Most industrial electric services also only charge businesses for the time and expenses they spend on a project. A staff industrial electrician or team employed by a business, however, is paid a steady salary regardless of whether or not they are working on a project. While the business can choose to lay off these employees if they are unneeded, this can still cost the business money in the form of unemployment insurance.
  • Flexibility – Most industrial electric services provide 24 hours a day, seven days a week service, which allows them to respond almost immediately to an industrial business’ needs. The industrial electric service offers businesses the flexibility to control how often and to what extent they use their services. A business can contract an industrial electric service for a one-time project, such as installing a new production line or to provide ongoing service and repair for their industrial electrical equipment.
  • Professional Service – Industrial electric services are typically small to mid-sized businesses that not only understand the pressures of running a business firsthand, but also have built their reputations on the quality of their work. As a result, it is in their best interest to provide the businesses they work with the best possible service by minimizing machinery downtime, repairing equipment as quickly as possible and by installing equipment properly the first time. Since staff industrial electricians or teams employed by businesses receive regular salaries, they may not as motivated to complete a job as promptly or efficiently as a service company.
  • Knowledge and Experience – Industrial businesses are subject to a complex set of rules and regulations far beyond those required in residential and even some commercial buildings. The penalties for violating these regulations can range from a substantial fine against the business to a complete shutdown of the business. Violating these regulations can also result in unsafe electrical systems and equipment that can cause injury or death. While all industrial electricians and industrial electrical services are required to keep up-to-date with these rules and regulations, often staff industrial electricians or teams are simply unwilling, unable or unmotivated to stay current with industrial electrical code. In comparison, industrial electric services are required to stay up-to-date on all industrial electrical codes, not only to maintain their reputations in the industry, but also to enable them to provide exceptional work to the businesses they service.

Given all that is riding on the reliability and safety of your industrial business’s electric service and equipment, contracting a reliable industrial electric service with a proven track record is crucial. The team at Done understands the importance of minimal downtime, quick and efficient equipment repairs and safe, reliable electric service to industrial businesses. With an industry reputation second to none, our team of experienced industrial electricians are licensed and insured and specialize in installation, repair, service and maintenance of most industrial electrical equipment including:

  • Conveyors
  • Motor Controls
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Surge protection
  • Industrial TVSS

In addition we offer a variety of industrial service contracts to fit your industrial business’s needs and budget. Call today for more information and to learn how Done can be your partner in industry.

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