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5 Quick Tips to Save Money Cooling This Summer

Two Outdoor HVAC Units Near Bushes

As the heat of the summer months approaches, so do increased cooling costs. So, here are a few efficient cooling tips to help people save a few dollars, but still stay comfortable.

Quicker Short-Term Tips

Don’t Over-Cool

When you finally decide to turn on the air conditioner, do not turn your thermostat lower than the temperature you are trying to obtain inside the room. This will prevent over-cooling and wasted energy. It also does not speed up the cooling process.

Consider an Interior Fan

Using a ceiling fan will help move the hot air around, help to cool areas, and do so without much energy usage.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

Using a programmable thermostat is a great way to save 5-15% of your energy costs over the year, as you can keep your system largely inactive during the times that you are gone during the day, or asleep at night. These are quite easy to install, and are well worth the small investment. But make sure you install it on an interior wall that is not in direct sunlight or next to an appliance that gives off any heat.

Bonus tip: Install a smart thermostat and forget about ever needing to change your temperature settings again. Smart thermostats like Nest learn from your habits and provide the right amount of cool to your family at the right time.

Watch What You Place Next to the Thermostat

A tip that is not commonly thought about is not setting lamps or other appliances close a thermostat as it will report a higher temperature in the room, and force your air-conditioner to over cool.

Cool Less

The easiest way to avoid the costs associated with cooling, however, is to not cool it as much. This is accomplished by setting your thermostat to the highest comfortable temperature.

I will let you judge which route is best for your household.

Longer Term Solutions

If you have an older air-conditioner, you can consider installing a newer, more efficient model. Typically, newer room air conditioners run roughly 10% more efficient, while central air conditioning systems can see energy savings closer to 14%. (Statistics from the U.S. Department of Energy)

Installing a whole-house fan, or an evaporative cooler can also be a great option to keep you home cool in the hot summer months.

If you have any question as to what option is best for you, ask away in the comments below, or give the professionals at Done Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric a call today!

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