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Why Do Drains Clog?

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There are a multitude of reasons why drains clog, and they all come down to what goes down the drain. Let’s face it, there is no stopping all debris from going down the drain.

How Drains Clog

After time, that debris builds up, but before we go too far, an important thing to consider when diving into why drains clog, is what type of pipes have been installed. In old homes, household plumbing often had drain pipes made with galvanized or cast iron pipe. The corrosion that occurs, from the inside out, eventually creates a rougher surface than the pvc pipes that are used in newer homes. These rougher surfaces in the pipes begin to collect the debris (rust, hair, lint, toothpaste, and other goo or biofilms), and after a while these build-ups result in a clogged drain.

Are there ways to avoid clogs in your drains? Yes. Although it not commonly known, there can be some routine maintenance that you perform yourself in order to avoid having a plumber out to your home too often to fix a clogged drain.

A Few Preventative Solutions

One solution is to do a better job at capturing the debris from going down your drain. Using a coffee filter underneath your temporary drain in your sink catches a much higher percentage of what causes build-ups, and eventually clogs. Be carful, however, to not lose the coffee filter down the drain as well. Stopping the debris from going down your drain is by far the most recommended way to avoid clogs.

The next procedure is not as water-wise. Being water-wise is something that we all must pay attention to, but that is a whole other topic. Periodically, if you were to fill up your sinks with the stops in place, and then remove the stopper, the maximum force (without the high pressure jetting equipment that we utilize) is placed upon the clogs is order to flush the build-ups from your drainage lines. Again, this is not the most water efficient method, but it does work if used on a periodic basis. So, the next time you are asking yourself, “Why do drains clog?” You will know, but if your drains are clogged already, and you are unable to unclog them, give the professional plumbers at Done Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric a call today! We will get them draining smoothly.

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