Evaluation: For sewer/waste lines, either you’ve been told by another company that a repair or replacement is necessary, or one of Done Plumbing & Heating’s drain technicians suggested a camera of your line due the conditions they found when clearing a blockage. For water lines, a known leak has been discovered between the city meter and the home connection. In either case, our Excavation Specialist will fully evaluate your situation to give their unbiased and accurate assessment of appropriate next steps. This may include camera inspecting the problem area (when possible) to give the clearest picture of the condition of the line. Note: Water lines cannot be camera inspected.

Options: Your Excavation Specialist will review their findings and discuss solutions to the issues you’re experiencing. This may include anything from a spot repair to a full line replacement. There are many options for any situation, and they will discuss the pros and cons of each so you can make an informed decision.

It’s important to note that there are times that the full extent of a repair may not be known. If the camera inspection is unable to inspect the entirety of the line (due to the inability to pass a section to view what is beyond it), further repairs may be necessary that will not be known when starting the repair. Please discuss with your Excavation Specialist to determine if this applies to your situation.

Scheduling: Once repair or replacement is selected, your Excavation Specialist will work with you and our dispatch team to select a date to start work. Depending on the type of repair, the jurisdiction where the property is located, and legally required permits, work may start the same day or up to 3 days after selecting to move forward. Note: In some circumstances the wait time may be longer due to jurisdiction/city requirements.

Coordination: Your Excavation Specialist will work with you to complete an Excavation Description of Work. This document outlines the details of the work to be completed, and includes important information related to the type of repair, the method of repair, and the length of repair. This form also includes important exclusions related to the landscaping and ground cover disturbed to facilitate the scope of work.

Your Excavation Specialist will complete an internal Excavation Form that outlines the repair or replacement to be made, parts and tools needed, and additional instructions for the excavation crew detailing the proper correction of your line. In most cases, your Excavation Specialist will schedule a time to return after work is complete to finalize your invoice and collect final payment.


(Unless other arrangements are made). The team will have already received the information from the Excavation Form, and they will review the job together before starting any work. You will receive a phone call from our dispatch team when they are en route to your home.

Prep: Your excavation team will begin by prepping the work area to protect the surrounding landscaping and ground cover. For repairs inside your home, it will be helpful to the excavation team if the work area is clear of personal belongings.

Repair: Your excavation team will work diligently to access the repair/replacement area of the line. Once unearthed, they will remove the old line and install new piping to meet current building codes. Once the line is reconnected to the system and/or city tap, they will ensure that the line is flowing properly before reburying the line.

Inspect & Complete: If a permit was required for the work, the excavation team may need to have the pipe inspected by the jurisdiction your property is in before reburying the line. Please Note: The excavation team may complete reconnection before the inspector is available. This may cause the team to stop work until the inspector is able to inspect the line.

Once the line is fully repaired (and passed any required inspections) the crew will rebury the line.


Arranged ahead of time, the Excavation Specialist you worked with at the start of this process will return for final signatures and to collect final payment (less any deposits). For sewer/waste lines repair and replacement a post repair camera inspection will be completed.

Rest easy knowing that your new line will work properly making your home comfortable and safe again. Warranty periods vary depending on the type and method of repair completed, so please review these details with your Excavation Specialist before starting any work.


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