Try The Eco-Friendly Heating Alternative, Aurora Heat Pumps!

Aurora heat pumps aren’t your average heating solution. When most people think of heating a room, they think of using a furnace, fireplace, or space heater to add warmth to a room. However, these methods are inefficient compared to the superior performance of one of our Aurora heat pumps. Most conventional heating solutions consume an energy source (gas, wood, electricity) to produce heat. However, heat pumps take a different approach as these systems only move air around to regulate the temperature in your home. Using the temperature difference between the air in your home and outdoors, heat pumps can heat and cool your home with less effort than any other system.

As such, our Aurora heat pumps have gained popularity in the area as an effective solution to both heating and cooling. Of course, this means that the need for repair, replacements, and other work for these systems has skyrocketed too. Don’t trust just anyone with your heat pumps systems! Rely on the best HVAC specialists in all of Aurora, Done Plumbing & Heating. Our team can help you get your heat pumps up and running quickly with little hassle so that you can get back to your normal life in no time. Contact us to get your heat pump system back in working order today!

How Do Aurora Heat Pumps Work?

A system that can both heat and cool a room may seem magical at first, but we assure you that our Aurora heat pumps perform a very real service. First, heat pumps use fans to blow warm air over a set of outdoor condenser coils. The heat pump extracts heat from that air by using the refrigerant in these coils. The system then pumps this heat over a set of indoor coils where a separate fan blows over them to produce warm air.

The result is a home heating process that burns no fuel in exchange for warmth but transfers heat from one place to another. As such, Aurora heat pumps are much more efficient than, say, burning logs or propane to stay warm. Even if the air outside the home can provide no extra warmth, heat pumps can get warmth from other sources, including geothermal energy. This adaptability means that heat pumps can heat your home no matter where you are!

When your main concern is keeping cool during the summer, our Aurora heat pumps can work in reverse. How? They can extract heat from your home and disposing of it outdoors. If you’d rather not waste that heat, you can even use that excess energy to warm your water. Now that’s efficiency!

Trust Us To Get Your Heat Pump Repair in Aurora Done

As a complex piece of machinery that manages to both heat and cool, heat pump repair in Aurora requires the help of professionals. Trust the trained HVAC experts from Done Plumbing & Heating to solve these four major issues that heat pumps experience:

  • No Heating
  • No Cooling
  • No Operation
  • Constant Operation

This list is small, but that is only because those four issues encompass various problems your heat pumps can experience.

Heating Issues That May Require Heat Pump Repair in Aurora

If your pump can’t maintain the proper temperature, chances are something is blocking air flow to the coils. In some cases, this simply means that you’ll have to clear some brush near your outdoor unit or move the furniture blocking the indoor one. However, some problems will require an expert’s help.

For example, if neither unit appears to be blocked, a technician will need to inspect your heat pump for internal blockages. While doing this, your technician may also have to check your unit’s refrigerant, another source of heating issues. A refrigerant leak makes it difficult for your system to carry heat in or out of your home. Likewise, a broken reversing valve won’t allow air to flow properly in the needed direction. No matter the complication, our Aurora heat pump repair experts have the tools and experience needed to get your air flowing once again.

Aurora Heat Pump Repair Services for Operational Problems

If your heat pump is refusing to turn off or, perhaps more worryingly, operates 24/7, your first instinct should be to call our Aurora heat pump repair service. However, there are a few things you can do that provide a quick solution to your issue. For example, dirty filters can make it difficult for air to flow properly into your pump. The result of this poor airflow is a unit that constantly works to reach the correct temperature.

You can also check your thermostat and other electrical connections, but don’t touch anything you think might be broken. Rather than risk yourself with these components, give us a call. Whether your system has blown a capacitor or a broken reversing valve, we’ll immediately take care of the problem. With our Aurora same day heat pump repair, we can even get your system up and running before dinner time.

When Repairs Aren’t Enough, Trust Our Heat Pump Replacement in Aurora

While rare, there will be times when repairs simply aren’t an option. In these cases, Done Plumbing & Heating will be happy to help you find a heat pump replacement in Aurora.

Of course, our Aurora heat pump replacement experts can also help you when renovating existing HVAC systems. Even if your current air conditioner works well, replacing it with a heat pump can help you keep your home comfortable and energy efficient.

Get Your Aurora Heat Pump Replacement and Repairs Done!

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