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Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization

Fancy name, simple yet very effective solution. This product releases safe and odorless ions into the air which then attached to particles throughout the home to reduce pathogens and eliminate odors. By attaching to particles, it makes them larger so that your filter can more easily catch them as the air passes through, thus reducing the overall particulates in the home. These same ions also attack and kill viruses, mold spores and bacteria by depriving them of hydrogen forcing them to become inactive or die. For odors, the ions break them down into basic compounds eliminating their smell. All this leaves your home safer, cleaner, and fresher so you can be breath easy. To learn more, including where around Colorado that this system is installed, visit our GSP Needlepoint page.

UV Germicidal Air Purifier + Odor Control and Humidifiers

Ultraviolet germicidal light is used across the world to kill germs and control allergens as the air moves through ducts. Furnaces provide a perfect environment for growth and spread of mold spores, bacteria, odors, and even viruses. By reducing, killing, and helping eliminate the spread of these bioaerosols people can breathe easier and help reduce the transmission of viruses from one person to another.

These UV lamps reproduce UVC light in your duct to treat germs and allergens as they flow through the system in the air stream.

Odor Control
Odor control is achieved by eliminating odors not masking them through a process that creates activated oxygen. These atoms then attach to odor causing molecules and break them down to harmless and odorless compounds. Whether you have pets, smelly teenagers, or just everyday nuisance odors like the garbage or from cooking, this product is designed to help with all of them!

Fan Powered Humidifier
Ever notice the infamous winter itch, annoying nose bleeds, or damaged hardwood and furnishings? Our homes can become drier than a desert with our climate and forced air heating.

Using our fan powered humidifier you can:

  • Increase comfort – feel warmer at the same temperature setting
  • Combat dry skin and nose bleeds
  • Prolong wood floors and furniture
  • Reduces possibility of catching cold and flu viruses

Whole House H.E.P.A.

Moving enough air in the Mile-High city is not easy! Using too restrictive of a filter creates a whole host of problems in our area including early equipment failures and poor airflow through the home.Using our H.E.P.A. air cleaner we can filter down to as little as .01 microns without affecting your equipment and airflow through the home through a bypass technology and constant air circulation.

  • Dust and dust-mite dander
  • Pollen
  • Smoke
  • Other organic and inorganic particulates

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Let’s be honest: Nobody thinks about their plumbing and heating until there’s a problem.

What most people don’t realize is that most of those problems can be anticipated and often avoided with regular maintenance – usually at a far lower cost than a repair or replacement.

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