High Pressure Water Jetting Service

Family owned and operated since 1999, every member of our team is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. We accommodate your schedule, seven days a week, with no added fees for nights or weekends. Along with a two-hour ETA window, we’ll let you know when a licensed plumber has been dispatched. There’s never any mess left behind, no damage, and we maintain an honest and open line of communication, avoiding unpleasant surprises. Utilizing advanced techniques and technology, Done Plumbing & Heating delivers unmatched results and value throughout Aurora, CO and Denver, CO.

Advantages of High Pressure Water Jetting include:

  • Environmentally Friendly – Relying on water pressure, there are zero chemicals involved.
  • Lasting – After a one-time procedure, pristine pipes resist buildup and clogs.
  • Bacterial Removal – Leaving drains clean and fresh, the high-pressure water force removes bacteria buildup lodged within the drains.
  • Effective – Leaving no residue behind, this technique promotes an optimum flow of water.
  • Versatile – This cutting edge technology is safe and effective for any size, type, or material of residential or commercial drain or sewage system.
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sinks and Showers Drain Slowly

    Overtime, it’s inevitable that drain pipes and traps under our sinks and showers will begin to take on some build up that can restrict and possibly stop water from draining. Depending on the location the problem, it can be the result of hair, residue from soap or products like shampoos, conditioners & lotions, or food particles and grease. There could also be a more serious problem in your home sewer system.

    Typical products off the shelf can be caustic, hard on your pipes, and harmful to the environment. It’s for these reasons that we recommend you have Done Plumbing take a look at the problem first. This will ensure that the problem is diagnosed properly, and fixed right the first time. We can also show you how some simple preventive steps with natural products like by BioClean can help prevent the same problems from occurring in the future.

  • We proudly serve the needs of the Metro Denver area including:

    • Arvada
    • Aurora
    • Castle Rock
    • Brighton
    • Broomfield
    • Centennial
    • Denver
    • Edgewater
    • Englewood
    • Glendale
    • Golden
    • Henderson
    • Highlands Ranch
    • Lakewood
    • Littleton
    • Morrison
    • Parker
    • Sheridan
    • Thornton
    • Westminster

    Let’s be honest: Nobody thinks about their plumbing and heating until there’s a problem.

    What most people don’t realize is that most of those problems can be anticipated and often avoided with regular maintenance – usually at a far lower cost than a repair or replacement.

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